One thing we have seen over the years is that many of the clients we have acquired have come to us because they had their Web site designed and built, but then couldn't get updates and changes done in a timely fashion, or had to pay programming fees every time they needed to make an update. And as many of you probably know already, changing and updating your content on your Web site is very important these days for search engine ranking purposes.

And when it comes to business, updating your website with the latest promotion or special offer, adding a fresh testimonial or posting the latest bit of news should be routine. But it can be frustrating when a simple update is seemingly impossible to get done.

Getting a website designed and in use is one thing, but keeping it fresh and current can be a whole other adventure...

To solve this problem for our clients, we have successfully offered our clients the following monthly hosting and maintenance package for a number of years now:

  •     Two (2) Hours of changes and updates.
  •     Fast turnaround: Updates completed within one business day.
  •     Skilled and professional designers.
  •     Live support and assistance during regular business hours.
  •     Web hosting with 99.9% uptime and email accounts.
  •     Did I mention live support? Real people, right here in the USA.

If this solution would make your life easier, call 203-987-6560, or click here to check out our website first, and then call... :)

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